2019 New Design Soybean Oil Making Machine in Kazakhstan

Organization of an enterprise for the production of soybean oil and meal

In the course of the study, both the trends that emerged on the soybean oil market earlier than 2015, but which remain relevant for the market at the current moment, and the trends

PP nonwoven polypropylene cutting and punching machine

Sep 29, 2015 PP-UNIVERSAL nonwoven polypropylene cutting and punching machine.

HUM Oil & Fat Technologies

September 2019 One of the largest companies in Ukraine chose HUM-technology and ordered a complete pressing plant for processing lean soybeans with a capacity of 160 tons per day.



Mini Soybean Plant And Photo From China Kazan

In recent years, SCF technologies have been used in the nuclear, oil, gas and coal industries, for the production of new energy, structural and building materials

Top 10 sunflower oil producers

According to the company’s report on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, in the second quarter of 2015 financial year (started in July 2014), sales of bulk sunflower oil in October-December increased by 6 .2%

Horsemeat, mutton and honey from Kazakhstan are expected in China

In general, last year the volume of gross agricultural output increased by 3.5%, food – by 1.6%.

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Roll corrugated machine for crushing soybeans. production according to

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In 9 months of 2019, Azerbaijan increased wheat imports by more than a third In 2019

News of the Customs Union on foreign economic activity

28.02.19 Since 2019, museums have been issued 64 notifications of duty exemption. Since the beginning of 2019, Russian museums have received 64 notifications confirming the exemption from customs duties and taxes in relation to

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Stratégie Grains raised the forecast for grain production in the EU in 2019/20 MY by 3 million tons Source APK-Inform

First fruits: results of the implementation of the agro-industrial complex development program

The total assets of life insurance companies in Kazakhstan, according to the National Bank, at the beginning of October 2019 amounted to 396.9 billion tenge. In the same period of 2018, the assets were

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There is money, no investment – . Hedgehogs of neutral rigidity – Despite a serious reduction in the key rate, the Bank of Russia has not switched to a loose monetary policy.

Photo that blows the mind of Russophobes. IN KALININGRAD at

Alpenforum ? Alps? Free themes. ? A photo that blows the mind of Russophobes. In KALININGRAD, at the Miratorg meat processing plant, robots pack cutlets

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Nov 10, 2017 The Chinese, as a rule, buy soybeans for feed. Last year, it imported 83.9 million tons of soybeans, which is 43.9% more than in 2012. In money terms, this is $33.9 billion.

Development of microdistricts, opening of new enterprises

In 2019, 235.5 thousand square meters of housing will be commissioned, which is 8% more than last year. In January-October 2019, the commissioning of housing at the expense of all sources of financing is 115.4 thousand square meters.

Cheap agricultural crops bring losses to coastal farmers

In 2017, 381 thousand tons were harvested. And last season ended with a result of 330 thousand tons. For 2019, the soybean production plan is 450 thousand tons, which is 17% more than in 2018.


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Photo that blows the mind of Russophobes. IN KALININGRAD at

Alpenforum ? Alps? Free themes. ? A photo that blows the mind of Russophobes. In KALININGRAD, at the Miratorg meat processing plant, robots pack cutlets

Kazakhstan – China: cooperation in the field of agribusiness Foodindustry.kz

In the future, they will be used for the production of artificial fabrics, plastics and polymer coatings. This technology in the world is owned only by the Chinese company ?CathayIndustrialBiotech,Ltd.?.